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FARRM started as an initiative to help place the growing number of abandoned and unwanted potbelly pigs.  Established in 2013 to meet this need, FARRM ran a support network for these homeless, abused animals. After great success with that initiative and with over 100 potbelly pigs rescued and re-homed in under a year, the movement continued to expand and FARRM was officially created.


FARRM expands our reach to not only potbelly pigs, but also to other farm type animals that find themselves victims of the fad pet mentality or those that are valued only for the price of their flesh. 

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Here at FARRM we are committed to planting seeds. A seed planted in the right nurturing environment is
the key to continual growth. We know that not everyone sees a goat, a pig or a chicken and
immediately recognizes the kindred spirit within.  However we know every story shared grows into a
larger realization that animals exist with us and not for us.


With the right compassion, time and commitment, we watch these beautiful animals grow into their full potential.


Our animals may not be anyone's first choice, but they picked us. We have quite a few wildflowers in
our bunch and we aim to help remind the world that every flower carries a seed, and the more unique
the seed, the more beautiful the garden. Loving our animals as individuals helps us grow a garden of

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