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Several years ago, a beautiful pig named Mowgli was rescued from a horrific situation. Mowgli spent his entire life living in a cold dark tool shed in Edmonton.


He had a long list of physical and psychological ailments that were devastating. He had deformed hooves because he never had them trimmed; this deformity caused discomfort and impeded his ability to walk properly. Mowgli also suffered from blindness and terrible craters in his back, both of which were a side effect of an untreated fever.


As you can imagine when he was rescued he was terrified of humans. He was so terrified that he would attack anybody that came near him. Slowly, with patience, regular food, gentle words, and love he began to realize that humans would never harm him again. He eventually became best friends with his rescuer and then two of them would spend all of their time together telling stories to one another.


In time, he also became an expert apple thief; he would sneak into the neighbor’s yard through a small crack in the fence and would fill his mouth with apples. When he was called back home he would come running with apples falling out of his mouth – pretending he did nothing wrong. He sadly passed away from cancer but a day doesn’t go by that we don’t miss him.


In honor of Mowgli we have established Mowgli’s Medical Emergency Fund to help other animals that have been rescued from situations of neglect, abuse, and suffering.


Please consider giving to Mowgli's Emergency Medical Fund and help FARRM ensure that every animal receives care when they need it the most. 

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