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Micro Hay Fund

Hay is the primary diet for nearly all of our FARRM animals and is fed in place of grazing in a pasture, mainly during the winter months. Prices of hay fluctuate and it is important to secure feed as early as possible, before the onset of the REALLY cold months.

We're hoping that as a community, we can make big things happen through our Micro Hay Fund.

How does it work?

For only $5 or $10 per month, you can help make a huge difference in the lives of FARRM animals!
Cooper's goal is to enlist 200 FARRM Supporters who can find it in their hearts to help him!

Are you able to help him out? If so choose an option below; monthly and one-time donations available.

We're banking on the support of our extended FARRM Family to help make this program a success.
It's a great way to pledge your support through a modest and financially manageable monthly donation.

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