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My Sponsor Hero(es):

            Diana G. 

Hello! I'm Dobby! 

Pet Pleasures:  Being with my sister Princess Rue.

Pet Peeves:  Being away from my sister Princess Rue.

Arrived at FARRM:  2021

Sex:  Female

Age:  2021

About:  Dobby came from a local sheep farm where she was raised in horrific conditions. We have multiple sheep from this farm; a local resident identified the sheep in need and removed them, at which time they were placed into our care.

Dobby arrived medically unstable with Princess Rue. Both had an assortment of issues, including leg deformities, emaciation, banded tails and terrible diarrhea.  They received no medical intervention before coming into our care.  They already had their horns burned off and surveyors tape tied around their necks, so the farmer would know they were ready to be culled. Princess Rue passed away due to the neglect she suffered prior to coming into our care.


Dobby has since integrated into our sheep gang.

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