Napoleon II

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Jillanne B.

Hello! I'm Napoleon II! 

Pet Pleasures: The squish of mud between my toes.  

Pet Peeves: Getting an itch that no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to reach it. 

Arrived at FARRM: January 2020​.

Sex: Male

Approximate Date of Birth: January 2018


In January 2020, we took in a potbelly pig in desperate need of attention. Given his condition, the owners were unable to find anyone to take him. We agreed to help as euthanasia was likely the next course of action. A review of his health status determined that Napoleon is only halfway done having his body develop and is about 150 pounds overweight.


His stomach is so large it drags on the ground and he steps on top of it if he tries to walk. His belly is very bruised and very sore and he screams in pain when he steps on it.

Pigs are prone to developing cancer in their reproductive organs if not spayed/neutered a young age. They also typically become fairly aggressive towards other animals and people. Napoleon had not been neutered.

Pigs have a natural tendency to root and roam in search of grubs and nutrients from the ground. All this exercise also helps them maintain a healthy weight. He was living in a garage and is unable to walk.

Pigs are social creatures. They are one of the smartest animals on earth and should not be kept in isolation from other pigs. He was living alone.

Pigs have hearts meant to support a body that is typically 150 pounds or less (this varies based on the overall size of the pig). Napoleon is nearly double the healthy weight. At this time our biggest concern is that he will either have a heart attack or that his heart will be unable to continue pumping blood efficiently to all areas of his body. Currently his belly shows signs of circulation issues. If this continues we worry that he is at risk of infection.

Pigs are not meant to consume large amounts of food. Will they? Yes. But we need to help them regulate food intake to remain healthy. Napoleon has so much additional fat on his body that he is experiencing what is referred to as “fat blindness”. This means the skin and fat from the top of his head is putting pressure downwards over his eyes. Which means he has pockets and creases of skin that are collecting body secretions and dirt and sitting in and around his eyelids. There is a good chance of infection and even causing actual blindness if not corrected.

So what is the plan for Napoleon?

We need to start getting Napoleon to lose weight. This also must be done carefully. Typically we would increase and encourage exercise, but given the fact that he cannot walk without standing on his stomach we must start with a diet change. We have purchased Napoleon a diet mini pig ration and his snacks will consist of low calorie vegetables only. We are hoping we can find a solution to help keep his belly off the ground so he can walk and get some exercise. We will be consulting with our vet partners about some sort of a belly-band or girdle if this is an option. We have plans to get him neutered but only when it is safe to do so, currently we worry that his heart is too weak to safely be anesthetized.

Napoleon’s body is in need of some maintenance as well. He has very dry skin so we have already started multiple coconut oil massages and we have started to tackle the large amount of goop that has built up in his eyes. Napoleon does not like us doing this so we have been cleaning in stages. We hope soon we will be able to see his beautiful eyes.

Status: Not adoptable. 

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