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Napoleon II


My Sponsor Hero(es): 

Jillanne B.

Hello! I'm Napoleon II! 

Pet Pleasures:  The squish of mud between my toes.  

Pet Peeves:  Getting an itch that no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to reach it. 

Arrived at FARRM:  January 2020​.

Sex:  Male

Age:  January 2013 Approx.

About:  In January 2020, we took in a potbelly pig in desperate need of attention. We agreed to help as euthanasia was likely the next course of action. A review of his health determined that Napoleon was so obese that he could not walk; his stomach dragged on the ground and he would scream in pain with every step he took.


Pigs have hearts meant to support a body that is typically 150 pounds or less (this varies based on the overall size of the pig).  Napoleon was nearly double the healthy weight and there were concerns that he would suffer a heart attack.  Napoleon also had so much additional fat on his body that he was experiencing what is referred to as "fat blindness".  This means the skin and fat from the top of his head is putting pressure downwards over his eyes.

After months of hard work following a veterinary guided weight loss plan, Napoleon lost enough weight to have skin removal surgery.  This surgery allowed him to walk again.

Napoleon is now at a good weight and we are working on maintaining it with regular diet and exercise.

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