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In addition to the permanent FARRM residents, we also care for many feral cats located on or near the sanctuary. By definition, these cats cannot be kept as pets because they are wild, undomesticated, and often fear humans. Most have found themselves here as a result of careless owners abandoning intact cats near the FARRM property.
These are FARRM's forgotten ferals.
These feral cats find overnight shelter in the barn and other heated structures on the property. Thanks to FARRM, they find food waiting for them each morning. This way, so we can ensure they have at least one meal a day. In addition, FARRM provides a spay or neuter to every cat that can be humanely trapped.
Each day, we leave out approximately 20 lbs of dry cat food and 10 cans of wet cat food. It is estimated that there are 30-40 feral cats that have come to rely on FARRM meals.

Thank you for helping us give hope to the forgotten.

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