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My Sponsor Hero(es): 

                John T.

Hello! I'm Rodney!

Pet Pleasures:  Singing at the top of my lungs.

Pet Peeves:  Quiet time.

Arrived at FARRM:  2022

Sex:  Male

Age:  May 2022 Approx.

About: ​ Rodney came from a local sheep farm where he was raised in horrific conditions. We have multiple sheep from this farm; a local resident identified the sheep in need and removed them, at which time they were placed into our care.

Rodney was rescued from terrible neglect and has degenerative bone disease in his front leg.  It is possible it started as a response to an injury before coming into our care. He will always need to wear a cast so that he can get around properly.


Rodney has since integrated into our sheep gang; he will always have mobility issues

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