Jack Hook

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Robin H., Greg M., Samantha B. 

Hello! I'm Jack Hook! 

Pet Pleasures: Facial masks while soaking in the tub.


Pet Peeves: People who don't say 'bless you' after a sneeze and just awkwardly stare instead. 

Arrived at FARRM: November 2020

Sex: Male

Age: Approximately 7 months old as of November 2020.

About:  Hook came to us from a local farmer after his herd of sheep was sold off for the winter. Hook was the only sheep remaining on the farm because he was too ill and nobody wanted him. We were initially told that he had worms and a bit of diarrhea but he had been treated and was good to go. We were also told that he had an injury to his eye and that it was a bit “glassy”.

Upon arrival to the farm it became evident that Hook was in the final days of his life. He was severely underweight at nearly 7 months weighing less than 30 pounds. He was covered so thick in diarrhea that he had to be soaked repeatedly to remove pounds of feces from his body. His glassy eye was actually an eye that had been injured and left so long it rotted away inside his head. Because of the damage to the eye it weeped for so long that the acid from his tears burnt away the wool below his injured eye. There was no eye remaining to save.

Upon further inspection we saw Hook was castrated improperly and one of his testicles remained in his abdominal area, and his tail had been docked so completely that it had been removed back into the flesh of his back. He was also unable to stand for long periods of time because his hooves had not ever been done and they were full of infection and rotting away.

We rushed Hook into our vet partners the moment we picked him up and he remained there for days while we waited for him to recover. Our vet is confident he had less than 24 hours left and we would have lost him.

Our vet team is amazing and while Hook remained in hospital they worked to get his fever from infection down, they trimmed his hooves and cleaned them multiple times a day, they washed him repeatedly taking layer after layer of feces out of his wool, they did the necessary surgery to remove the rotten eye and tissue and kept him comfortable and eating the best snacks while he was there.

Hook has since returned home and we hope he is on a road to recovery. He is very happy and has made his way in with our special needs goats for the time being. He is walking better and we are monitoring his surgery site on his eye and providing medications and love as needed.


Status: Not adoptable. 

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