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My Sponsor Hero(es): 

      EveryBody Keto

Hello! I'm Ruthie BG!

Pet Pleasures:  Female Justices on the Supreme Court 

Pet Peeves:  Mixing politics and religion

Arrived at FARRM:  November 2020

Sex:  Female

Age:  August 2020 Approx.

About:  In August 2020 we helped with a large intake of potbelly pigs from a not so ideal situation. Belinda, and her babies Mia and Ruthie, were part of this large intake. While the other pigs were transferred to sanctuaries in BC, Belinda, Mia, and Ruthie were sent to a home closer to FARRM.

After leaving for nearly two months it was decided that the trio should come back to live at FARRM. All three will integrate with our forever herd and spend their lives at the sanctuary.

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