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My Sponsor Hero(es): 

           Jessie A.

Hello! I'm Rosie! 

Pet Pleasures:  Gardening. 

Pet Peeves:  Start and stop traffic on a blistering hot summer day. 

Arrived at FARRM:  October 2020

Sex:  Female

Age:  January 2015 Approx.

About:  Rosie's previous owner had no interest in caring for her so she was being completely neglected. A friend of the woman’s stepped in and was going to feed her and care for her until she found placement.

Rosie was very overweight and her tummy had sores from dragging on the ground. She also had too much fat around her eyes to see properly.

Rosie has lost weight and is one of the sweetest pigs at the sanctuary.  She loves hanging around her BFF Belinda, and her two kids Mia and Ruthie BG.  They are a team!!!

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