Hi! I'm Gracie!

Pet Pleasures: Cookies with a low sugar count. Low sodium chips.

Pet Peeves: When people tell me how much weight I lost. I was fat. I get it.

Arrived at FARRM: 2013

Sex: Female

Age: Approximately 12 years as of December 2019.

About: When Gracie arrived she was morbidly obese and weighed over 300 pounds. Her stomach was dragging on the ground and she was very unhappy. Gracie spent her days lying in her house and refused to come out. One day Al ventured in to Gracie's pen and she completely changed. Gracie and Al instantly fell in love and Gracie even started losing weight. During her spay, it was discovered that Gracie had tumours all along her reproductive organs. The medical team intervened and removed her reproductive organs and she has been healthy ever since.

Status: Not adoptable as Gracie is a senior and will enjoy her twilight years at FARRM.

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