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Together we hope to create a world where we are no longer needed.


We pause to confront the realization that when any living being is made to suffer, we all suffer as equals.

We seek to enlarge the human capacity for compassion and justice for all living things.

We promise all those who find their way to us will be treated as equals and given the opportunity to live free and loved.

We will prove that with thought void of discrimination all beings are equally capable of stealing our hearts.

We vow to face patronization of animals with reason and thought.

We will teach what they cannot.

We will advocate for their very lives depend on it, and above all,

We will listen; for there is much to be learned from the smallest of creatures.

We will never apologize for showing kindness to animals, but rather apologize to them when humanity cannot be found.

We will help guide our world away from its greatest social injustice, and we will show strength through our struggles and accept our defeats at day's end...

But most importantly, we will have hope every morning when the sun comes up, and be thankful that the day has given us another chance to change.

So let us all continue to move forward with the confidence we need to change the world,

Knowing that with love for each soul,

We can make a difference.

- Melissa Foley, FARRM Founder

FARRM was founded by Melissa Foley in 2013

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