Trinket Thursday


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Marissa S.

Hello! I'm Trinket Thursday

Pet Pleasures: That first intense body stretch after waking up.

Pet Peeves: People who write "Noone" instead of "No one".

Arrived at FARRM: 2018

Sex: Female

Age: Born February 2018

About: ​ Trinket Thursday sustained frostbite on her ears and hind hooves shortly after birth. Her previous owner wanted to ensure she lived her best life possible and surrendered her to FARRM. She was also born with a congenital deformity so the bone structure, muscles, tendons did not form properly.

As a result her legs are twisted out further up the leg and her hooves are unnaturally elongated. Because of the weakness in her deformed feet she was also at higher risk of frost bite. So not only are both her back legs severely deformed but they are now frostbitten along with her ears. She will lose her other ear within the next few days and at this time the extent to which the frost bite has damaged her back legs is unknown. Our vet had advised that we keep her comfortable on her legs until we can see what has been damaged in her back end by frost bite. Only time will tell for now, so she is on pain relief and has special boots to help keep the pressure of her on weight from causing discomfort on the sharp edges of ankle she is currently walking on.

Amputation was decided as the best possible course of action and Trinket will soon be fitted for prosthesis so she can live a full and happy life. ​

Status: Trinket Thursday is not adoptable because of her medical concerns.