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My Sponsor Hero(es): 

             Shanda I. 

Hello! I'm Forest!

Pet Pleasures:  Watching outdoor baseball on a hot summer day. 

Pet Peeves:  Accidentally biting your cheek when you're eating.

Arrived at FARRM:  November 2020

Sex:  Male

Age:  December 2018 Approx.

About:  Forest was transferred from another rescue that works with dogs & cats, with what was thought to be a congenital defect.


After his arrival at FARRM, Forest was diagnosed with spastic paraplegia. If he had received intervention while he was young, he could have walked normally but because he did not, he'll always struggle to walk normally. Though he can walk, his back legs are permanently stiff. His mobility is best if he's on outdoor ground and it's not slippery. It is highly likely that Forest will suffer from arthritis later in life.

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