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What is the FARRM greenhouse?

The FARRM greenhouse opened for the first time in 2021. We start sowing seeds as early as February (depending on the plant species) and it literally ends up taking over the entire house for several months, until the weather warms up and they can be moved into the greenhouse. Our greenhouse is another way for us to bring in some revenue, needed to care for our animals, while providing a local option for garden enthusiasts to support.

How does it help?

FARRM’s greenhouse provides the opportunity to shop and support local - 100% of the proceeds from our greenhouse go directly back into the care of our animals, in the form of food, health/medical care, enclosures - really anything related to taking care of animals on a large scale!


What to expect this season?

More of what you have come to know and love about FARRM’s greenhouse, and a few new items! We have veggie and flower seedlings, herbs, and ready-to-go planters/baskets. If you don’t have much available space outside, we also have indoor plants, plus plant-related accessories and more! New this year will be information accessible via our website, for those who are new to having a garden, getting back into being a gardener, or just looking for some interesting facts about growing plants in Alberta’s sometimes challenging climate.

Why you made a difference!

Most FARRM residents have endured traumatic life experiences or have significant behavioural and/or medical needs, and we are committed to ensuring sanctuary residents live happy, healthy lives. Each purchase from our greenhouse - whether it be a seedling, a harvest basket, or a plant ID marker - is just one of the many ways to support FARRM, as 100% of all purchases go directly back to the care of our animals. 


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