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Started in 2010, the art initiative is one of Titan and Ellie's longest standing fundraising projects.

"We believe that art can save the world. So we put it into action."

Zero design experience and the lack of opposable thumbs hasn’t stopped Titan and Ellie’s fine art initiative from raising over $30,000.00 to help animals (and humans) in need.  We are the PawCasso Art Program, an initiative of ‘Titan and Ellie to the Rescue’, a non-profit/charitable organization.


Titan and Ellie are two rescue dogs that were products of the canine overpopulation crisis. They were neglected, near death, and in dire need of help. They found rescue, were slowly rehabilitated, and became the only artists of their kind to ensure 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their art pieces is donated back to those who need it the most.



Creating art unlike any other in Canada, they’ve expanded their works to include artistic input from rescued chickens, goats, dogs, horses, sheep, reptiles, cats, pigs and various other animals. They create meaningful, metaphoric and truly expressive art using paws, ear prints, hooves, feet and tails.


The artistic process always ensures that the animals' safety and comfort is the top priority and it isn’t uncommon for our fine artists to fall asleep while working. Recently, we have also expanded to include collaboration with established local artists.


The program has since transformed into a multidimensional fundraiser, featuring canvas backgrounds from various local artists, a selection of holiday greeting cards, art with rescued farm animals, holiday ornaments, jewelry, plant pots, magnets and new creations on a regular basis. 

While the art done by animals from FARRM is exclusively to benefit their own organization, we are also happy to work with other groups to create artwork to sell or auction off as a means to raise money. 

Visit the FARRM shop to see the unique treasures available!

Art Prints 2022.png


Artwork purchased from FARRM is unique in that all pieces are signed by the animals in the form of a stamp. Each stamp has been carefully cast and created using material meant to provide an exact replica of the intended hoof, paw, or foot.

In 2020 FARRM created these stamps so our residents would not need to lend a hand (or foot) in order for us to share the joy of their artwork with others.

These expressive pieces depict paws, ear prints, hooves, feet and tails to recreate beauty, without
compromising our commitment to the ethical treatment of animals.


All proceeds from the sale of this art supports the care of Sanctuary residents.

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