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My Sponsor Hero(es):

   Bushra, Peter & Shams 

Hello! I'm Linda! 

Pet Pleasures:  Smelling the roses.

Pet Peeves:  Rose thorns after you smell and later want to eat the roses.

Arrived at FARRM:  February 2020

Sex:  Female 

Age:  October 2019

About:  Linda came to us by a stroke of luck. She was found outside in the cold with a somewhat frostbitten nose. Her vet believes it is likely she has had a concussion as she is currently blind. Her pupils are often very different sizes. With the left always being the size of a pin and her right enlarging to fill nearly the entire eye.


Our vet does believe she can potentially see shapes. Linda currently has some diarrhea and small traces of blood in her poops but we are confident with some supplements she will improve. As for her vision, only time will tell.

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