It takes a lot to look after these animals and we appreciate support from various organizations and people.


Support comes in many different ways; whether is be sponsorship, adoption, donation, or volunteering. There are always projects needing completion and work to be done.

FARRM is currently recruiting for the volunteer positions listed below. Please click on a position title for descriptions of each role and email us if you have any questions:

FARRM Site Maintenance Volunteers

FARRM Artists (Background Painters/Designers)

Silent Auction Donation Solicitors

Graphic Designer

Please note that if you are applying for a position that involves visiting the FARRM Property, acknowledgement and acceptance of FARRM's Volunteer Code of Conduct, Release of Liability, and Confidentiality forms are required. These can be reviewed here and also form part of the Application Form.

Ready to make a difference? Apply here to become a FARRM Volunteer!