Hay is the primary diet for nearly all of our FARRM animals and often fed in place of grazing in a pasture, mainly during the winter months. Prices of hay fluctuate and it is important to secure feed as early as possible, before the onset of the REALLY cold winter months.


Extreme heat has plagued much of the Prairie provinces in 2021, and due to widespread drought and heat waves, many hay crops have been poor.  Rising costs across much of Western Canada over the past year, has resulted in skyrocketing prices for a bale of hay.

We are hoping that as a community, we can make big things happen through this Hay Drive and meet our $10,000 goal!

With each donation you will be entered to win 1 of 3 prizes:  1 FARRM Festival pass for 4,

1 private FARRM tour for 4 or 1 $50 Gift Card for our on-line FARRM store.

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