Goat Yoga: FARRM's Perspective

We wanted to offer our opinion and thoughts on the surging popularity of goat (or farm animal) yoga that you’ve likely seen in your Facebook News Feed or in the media recently.

Simply put, please, please, PLEASE do your research to ensure that you are supporting only ethical, non-harming organizations, practices, and activities that promote positive animal welfare initiatives.

Goat yoga is now a social media sensation, with super cute 10-second video snippets of bouncing baby goats bounding off the backs of yoga participants. The reality of those situations may be something entirely different than what is being represented. What happens to the goats once the yoga sessions end? What happens to the goats once they grow up? When you leave your session and the goat yoga fad fades, what becomes of the animals? Please do your research.

It would be an entire rarity (if not impossibility) that a legitimate farm animal rescue would randomly have ample baby goats readily available to host regular, ongoing ‘baby goat yoga’ sessions. Know what sort of operation you are supporting BEHIND THE SCENES before you sign up. Please do your research.

FARRM will be offering goat and pig yoga this summer.

Please know:

1. The animals are NOT attractions and are not there to amuse or entertain participants.

2. The goats and pigs that will be part of these sessions are socialized and value human interaction. Some weigh 150lbs and will want to kiss you. The smaller goats may want to climb on your back. Or eat your mat. Or suck your hair. Or watch. But NONE will be forced into situations to interact with participants.

3. We believe we’ve found a fun balance between promoting positive interaction between people and animals. These sessions will provide great opportunities for participants to venture outside of a studio setting, and reconnect (or become introduced) to a farm environment. It assists us in finding new advocates, supporters, voices and volunteers for our beloved animals.

4. We are striving to strengthen the human-animal bond. The animals will not be exploited or ‘used’ in any way. Time for photography or selfies, as examples, will be allotted at the end of the sessions.

5. We promote safety. Your yoga instructors are certified and FARRM representatives will continuously monitor interaction. You’ll be safe. The animals will be safe.

6. We are seeking new ways to assist in financially supporting our non-profit sanctuary. 100% of the proceeds of our yoga sessions go directly to support the animals. This will help ensure our animal residents live long, healthy lives at the sanctuary and hopefully widen our ability to help others in need.

7. There will be poop. Goats and pigs do this randomly, and it's likely why promotional video snippets are limited to about 10 seconds long. We recommend rocking 'not-your-best attire' and to be prepared for a little mud.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at FARRMRescue@gmail.com.