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Natalia T.

Hello! I'm Lulu!

Pet Pleasures:  Piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. ​

Pet Peeves:  Yoga. 

Arrived at FARRM:  August 2020

Sex:  Female

Age:  September 2017 Approx.

About:  Lulu was brought to FARRM by a BC rescue organization. They assisted with re-homing her from a working farm that no longer wanted to keep her due to prolapses.

In Lulu’s previous home she had been attacked by dogs which created areas of scar tissue in both her ears. In between the scarring she had abscesses that would continually fill up those spaces and need to be drained. We have tried draining them at the sanctuary and have also had her go in for surgery to have the abscesses cleaned out and drained with small incisions. Unfortunately even with surgery her ears continue to fill with abscesses. Because of this there is poor circulation in the ears. At this point in time the next step would be to surgically remove the ends of the ears in hopes that the trouble areas could be removed as well. Right now her ears cause her discomfort because they are full and put pressure on the skin but we are hoping to get her in for surgery soon to eliminate this. The vet does not foresee any complications in proceeding and thinks we have exhausted all other options.