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My Sponsor Hero(es): 

  Stefanie & Tyler

Hello! I'm Casper!

Pet Pleasures:  Cheating at Monopoly. ​

Pet Peeves:  Losing at card games.

Arrived at FARRM:  August 2022

Sex:  Male

Age:  May 2022 Approx.

About: ​ Casper came from a local sheep farm where he was raised in horrific conditions. We have multiple sheep from this farm; a local resident identified the sheep in need and removed them, at which time they were placed into our care.

As is typical for intakes from this farm site, the intake exam revealed that Casper not only has incredible deformities in both his back legs, but he also a severe scoliosis in his spine. Casper was castrated during his initial exam and with the results of a fecal sample, showed dangerously high cocci bacteria.  He was treated to help bring these levels down immediately.


Casper has since integrated into our sheep gang – he will always have mobility issues.

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