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My Sponsor Hero(es): 

          Sharon W.

Hello! I'm Barbara!

Pet Pleasures:  Manis and pedis with friends. ​

Pet Peeves:  When people say 'supposably'.

Arrived at FARRM:  August 2020

Sex:  Female

Age:  September 2015 Approx.

About: ​ When Barbara arrived in our care, she had a condition called Pleuritis.  Basically it's pneumonia but outside of the lungs.  Unfortunately this condition is something that won't go away so Barbara, like Cooper, will need constant intervention to keep her feeling her best.  The Pleuritis is manageable with antibiotics when it flares up; helping to keep it at bay.  So far we have only had to administer antibiotics a few times in the past year.  There is a potential for it to continue to worsen and no longer respond to antibiotics, but for now that has not been the case.


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