Hello! I'm Mortimer!

My hobbies are vegan baking and hopefully lane swimming one day.

Arrived at FARRM: 2015

Sex: Male 


Age: Approximately 8 years old



Mortimer was bought as a micro pig. Years later after reaching over 300 pounds his owners were no longer able to care for him. Mortimer had spent time in limbo before he came to the sanctuary and during that time he was fed way too much and became morbidly obese - he weighed in at over 500 pounds upon arrival. To date Mortimer has lost around 150 pounds and now has his sight and mobility back.


Mortimer is not adoptable because of his special dietary and exercise needs. He has become a great spokes-pig for the micro pig myth and has done so well at the sanctuary we couldn’t consider moving him.


It also takes over an hour to change out his bedding because he throws crazy temper tantrums… most homes would not sign on for his diva like needs.

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