Hello! I'm Gizmo!


My hobbies include getting belly-rubs, cuddling, and not realizing just how big I am. I'm also thinking about taking up chess.


Arrived at FARRM: 2016



His previous owners purchased him as a piglet with his sister with the intention of slaughtering him. They slaughtered his sister and he then suffered the loss of his goat friend Benny and became very unhappy. His owners no longer wanted to slaughter him so they asked if he could live out his days with us. Gizmo is around three years old.

Gizmo is what we consider a high risk animal. Due to his special needs as an 800+ pound pig it is safer for him to remain at the sanctuary. His breed is typically slaughtered for meat so the life expectancy and quality of life for these animals is minimal, so we spare them and potential adopters the stress of this reality.

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