Hello! I'm Duckduck!

Pet Pleasures:


That feeling in your stomach when you go really high on the swings.


Pet Peeves

Those who turn their stereo volume up to full blast in their part of the barn and have no consideration of others. I'm looking at you, Mystofilias.

Arrived at FARRM: 2017

Sex: Male

Age: Approximately 4 months

Adopted: August 2017



Duckduck, along with his brother Goose, were purchased as "micro-pigs" from an irresponsible breeder. Once his previous owner understood that there is no such thing as a "micro-pig", he and Goose found their way into FARRM's care. 


These boys, like all potbellied pigs, will grow to full size. Their size is largely dependent on their owner to ensure that they receive proper nutrition and exercise routines. These two are still shy and have not been socialized, but will eat snacks from your hands.


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