Hi! I'm Al!

Pet Pleasures:


The smell of bakery air, returning to your warm and comfy bed after getting up to pee in the middle of the night.                  

Pet Peeves


When people put jam on their toast, then leave little crumbs in the jam jar. Clean the knife first!

Arrived at FARRM: 2013

Sex: Male

Age: 7 years as of 2013



Al is one of FARRM's most senior pigs. Al was picked up as a stray in Airdrie. He had been discarded in the countryside with an infected auction tag in his ear. He was trapped and brought to FARRM where it was discovered that his tusks had also grown through the roof of his mouth and through the insides of his lips. Al faught hard to beat the infections all through his mouth. Al is a shy guy and is affectionately known at the sanctuary as the big wrinkly rhinoceros.

Adoption Status: Not adoptable as both Al and Gracie are seniors and will enjoy their twilight years at FARRM.

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