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The Worst Day Of Our Lives


On April 11th, 2019, everything changed. We lost members of our family and our hearts were shattered beyond repair.

We lost more than just a barn. We lost our children. We lost our memories. We lost our dream.

We live in a world where saying their names makes us feel incomprehensible pain.


Remembering their eyes, their sounds, their quirks ... depending on the day the memories make us cry, vomit, rage against people who don’t deserve it, panic, and find living hopeless.

There are days when we wake up and think that life will be okay and then we are triggered by a memory or a name. We want to give up and walk away but we know we can’t because our surviving family needs us.

Those of us that were closest to the animals are genuinely suffering. Just the sound of their names is truly too much to bear some days. 

Our Vision

What is our dream for FARRM?
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Help Us Build Our Dream

How can we make our vision come true?
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