Arrived at FARRM: 2014

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:  March 2018

Age:  32 years old as of 2017

Sex:  Male

About:  Jakey (Jake) and Lena were best friends, soulmates, an odd couple with a beautiful magnetic relationship.

By the time he arrived at FARRM in 2014 he was already in his 30s. Jake was a working horse all his life but started developing arthritis in his front hoof so his owner was selling him for meat. FARRM picked him up so he could live out his days at the sanctuary. We didn't know how long he would live but we knew his life would be perfect while he was with us.

In 2015 Lena arrived. She was spry and stubborn ... and had her sights set on Jakey. From the moment they met they were absolutely inseparable. From dawn until dusk they were together. If Jake was out of sight, even for a split second, Lena would cry in panic. He was her everything. And she his.



Like all of our animals, Jake was spoiled. Jake demanded breakfast at a certain time every single day. If you were a moment too late he would kick the gate with passionate force until his food arrived. When he wanted a mid afternoon snack he would stare and take his hind legs and kick the gate to let you know that it was time to eat ... again. Supper was no different, if it was late he would let you know. Jake was in his late 30s and suffered from arthritis but that didn't stop him from trotting around with his best friend Lena. He spent winters wearing expensive jackets and ate food fit for a king (full of special supplements and nutrients).

On one morning in March 2018, Jake refused breakfast, his favorite meal of the day. We knew something was wrong. We had scheduled an appointment with our veterinary partner to run blood work but unfortunately Jake's aged body had started to give away. He couldn't stand and we made the painful decision to ease his suffering. We said goodbye with Lena by his side.

We know that while with us this lovely and beautiful retired working horse lived the life of a king but that doesn't take away from our pain of wishing we could do more ... or that he could live longer. More than anything our heart breaks for Lena. She refused to leave his body after he passed and has spent the last week visibly upset, wondering why her Jakey is gone. We hope that she finds friendship with one of our three horses.

Loss is a reality in animal rescue work but it never gets easier, not even when the loss is due to old age.

Run free Jakey.