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Hay is the primary diet for nearly all of our FARRM residents, and at times is fed in place of grazing in a pasture, mainly during the winter months. Prices of hay fluctuate and it is important to secure feed as early as possible in the Fall, before the onset of the REALLY cold months.


With the ever-increasing cost of hay, we are preparing now so we have what we need to ensure FARRM residents have enough to eat through the upcoming winter months.

Agriculture Canada's most recent drought monitor report concludes that 76% of the country's  agricultural landscape is either abnormally dry or experienced moderate to severe drought this summer.

The annual average cost of Alberta hay has increased by nearly 40%. Prices for a ton of hay have more than doubled in value since 2017, when prices averaged $116/ton compared to the 2022 average price of nearly $240/ton. 

We are hoping that as a community, we can make big things happen through our drive!

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Each donation you make, adds your name for a draw to win a gift as described below:

3rd Place - $60 FARRM Store Credit*

2nd Place - $80 FARRM Store Credit*

1st Place - $100 FARRM Store Credit*

*Shipping of products purchased with the store credit is not included.  Store credits will be valid until January 31, 2024.

The draw will take place when the fundraiser closes.

FARRM is a Registered Non-Profit Organization, however we are not "yet" a Registered Charity, and therefore we are unable to issue tax receipts at this time.

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