Hay is the primary diet for nearly all of our FARRM animals and is fed in place of grazing in a pasture, mainly during the winter months. Prices of hay fluctuate and it is important to secure feed as early as possible, before the onset of the REALLY cold months.


We've experienced an added challenge this season, as the temporary hay storage building we've been using is not sufficient to protect the hay from the elements, so moisture (and mold) have affected our current supply. We are also hoping to purchase building supplies to construct a proper hay shelter so we can store food! 


We're hoping that as a community, we can make big things happen through our drive and meet our $15000 goal!


After receiving your donation, a FARRM animal will share a fortune with you from their fortune-cookie stash! They get a 'cookie' (oat snack), you get a FORTUNE!

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