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My Sponsor Hero(es): 

           Julie C.

Hello! I'm Totes! 

Pet Pleasures:  Listening to soft rock & reading a good book.

Pet Peeves:  People without manners.

Arrived at FARRM:  June 2022

Sex:  Male

Age:  August 2019 Approx.

About: ​ Totes came to us as an owner surrender, he was very loved but due to life circumstances he had to be rehomed. Totes is mostly blind - has 20% vision and sees best when the sun isn't bright. Totes has quite the history and has survived a lot - blindness, dog attack, a few moves, and finally a traumatic event with a neighbor and a gun. According to his owner he likes sitting on a chair basking in the sun and prefers the company of dogs to others. Totes has been moved into our specials pen and will spend the rest of his life free from harm. 

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