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Tot 6.30.24.png

    My Sponsor Hero(es): 

             Teresa Z.

Hello! I'm Tot! 

Pet Pleasures:  Finishing up a puzzle.

Pet Peeves:  Coming to the end of a puzzle only to find pieces are missing.

Arrived at FARRM:  January 2024

Sex:  Female

Age:  March 2023.

About:  Tot came from the same farm as Nana. She too was attacked by a dog and left without medical attention until she was taken into our care a month later. Her leg was almost entirely torn off during the attack and it needed to be amputated immediately to get her comfortable and stop the infection from worsening.  She is expected to make a full recovery as a three-legged goat.

Tot is very shy but loves snacks enough to come say hello.

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