My Sponsor Hero(es): 

Michelle C.

Hello! I'm Penny!

Pet Pleasures: Light rain in the sunshine. 

Pet Peeves: Not being able to reach the BEST leaves when eating off a tree because I'm too short. 

Arrived at FARRM: April 2020

Sex: Female

Approximate Date of Birth: March 2020

About: ​ Penny came from a family that bought her as a newborn with her brother. Her brother was euthanized for a cleft pallet which the family also suspected she had. We took Penny into care as she needed to be intubated daily to be fed.


After a consult with our vet we also discovered Penny had a highly contagious disease called orf. Because of this Penny had to be quarantined in the house away from all other animals for 3 months.


She is now integrated with the others and healthy!

Status: Not adoptable.