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Nana 6.30.24.png

My Sponsor Hero(es): 

           Shaughan W.  

Hello! I'm Nana! 

Pet Pleasures:  Looking into the sky night for shooting stars. 

Pet Peeves:  Sticky cotton candy.

Arrived at FARRM:  January 2024

Sex:  Female

Age:  January 2017 Approx.

About:  Nana was attacked by a dog and had significant trauma done to both her front legs. These injuries were quite severe and left Nana unable to walk. Her owner did not seek medical attention for her and left her uncared for until we were contacted to take her a month later. During this time Nana was immobile and her front legs were badly infected and atrophied. Nana is getting medical care and rehab and we are hoping she is healthy in the near future.


She loves people and apples. 

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