Fiona Friday

My Sponsor Hero(es): 

Lucas J. & Rebecca L.

Hello! I'm Fiona Friday! 

Pet Pleasures: Cuddling & cute sweaters.

Pet Peeves: When people think small goats are just 'cute'. We're SO strong! 

Arrived at FARRM: 2018

Sex: Female

Age: Born February 2018


Fiona Friday came to FARRM after her previous owner, who loved her very much, decided that she would live her best life here. Right after she was born, she became trapped under a gate and as a result, suffered frostbite to her ears and back legs. She currently has little use of her back legs and we're working with our veterinary partners to determine the best possible courses of action for her.


Adoption Status: Not adoptable. 

Fiona Friday is not adoptable because of her medical concerns.

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