Cooper 3.20.20.png

My Sponsor Hero(es): 

Darcy S. & Candi L. 

Hello! I'm Cooper!

Pet Pleasures: The attention of the whole world. Nanners. 

Pet Peeves: Shittens. (he means 'chickens', because they eat "his" food). 

Arrived at FARRM: 2017

Sex: Male

Age: Approximately 3 years old as of January 2020.

About: Cooper was rescued from slaughter and was very sick when he arrived. Sadly his sibling died before reaching rescue (he had serious infection in his lungs and lice). Due to the horrible neglect he suffered while at a meat farm, Cooper developed persistent pneumonia.


Status: Not adoptable. Cooper is not available for adoption because of his medical concern, and because he is a FARRM Ambassador.