Arrived at FARRM: 2016

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: May 2017


Tiny came from a hen operation. She was a runt and the others were going to kill her. The owner's mother felt bad for her and took her in but was unable to care for her as she lived in the city, so she contacted us and had us take her. Tiny was very small  (nearly half the size of other hens her breed) and she was blind in one eye.

Tiny was her stature, mighty was her roar.

She was our little opera singer, not wasting a single moment in silence. Her songs could be heard throughout the sanctuary. If you heard a song near the barn you knew it belonged to Tiny.

She was our little artist, creating beautiful art with her feet. She would often fall asleep while making art with her helpers. If you saw a painting with perfectly crafted chicken feet you knew it belonged to Tiny.

She was our tiniest but fiercest resident, refusing to bow down to those bigger and louder than her.

Little Tiny passed, surrounded by her family of fowls.

Goodbye little one. We know you are singing beautiful songs to all of our family members that have passed on.

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