My Sponsor Hero(es): 

Karen D.

Hello! I'm Mattie!

Pet Pleasures:  Pedicures 

Pet Peeves:  Hangnails

Born at FARRM:  October 2020

Animal Type:  Pigeon

Sex:  Female 

Age:  October 2020

About:  Pigeons seem to lay eggs non-stop. As soon as the eggs are removed or they realize their eggs are not viable they produce more and proceed to nest on them. We typically check nesting boxes daily and remove all laid eggs and replace them with exact replicas so the pigeons are the least stressed out. This also gives them a break from laying as they will sit on the fake eggs for weeks before kicking them out of the nest. Well, we must have missed an egg in one of the boxes. When we did find it amongst the fake eggs we checked it and realized it was too far developed to humanely remove it so we allowed Mava to keep her egg. And so Mattie was hatched here at FARRM and has joined the flock.