Arrived at FARRM: May 2017

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: June 2017


When Kiki first arrived in FARRM's care, we immediately took her in for veterinary assessment and it was discovered she was a very sick girl. She was suffering from a bacterial infection that had gone untreated for a long time. We started her on antibiotics and while she seemed like she was improving, she still wasn't getting colour like she
should have in her comb.

Late one morning she seemed extremely lethargic so we took her to the vet again and it was discovered that the bacterial infection had spread into her bloodstream. She passed away as we were leaving the vet to bring her home that day.

Kiki’s life was tragically cut so short likely because of irresponsible ownership involving an urban backyard hen program. We’ll be posting more information on this issue on a later date, because tonight is about honouring Kiki.

Christina B. noticed Kiki roaming in the city and took her into rescue care. She was Kiki’s sponsor and in honour of her life, she has chosen to sponsor Phoenix, another fowl who is a permanent FARRM resident. Her young daughters, Jane and Elsa, also came to love hearing about Kiki and have earned their place on Phoenix’s sponsor badge.


We'll be planting a lily to forever honour Kiki's life.

We’d also like to extend our thanks to Brittany for transporting Kiki to FARRM to ensure she was able to get the care she needed.

Rest in peace Kiki, we love you and will miss you. 

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