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Part 1 - What Happened?


Fire investigators confirmed the cause of the fire was electrical. Both the fire department and insurance have closed the investigation. As a result, clean up has started.


We believe the fire was caused by the explosion of a heat lamp. The hot glass combined with fresh dry straw ignited the barn. It could have been a defect, a power surge, or any number of things. There is no way to know what caused it to break.


The fire started by the main door in our old goat Annabelle’s pen, making it nearly impossible for any of the animals in the centre of the barn to escape. They were snuggled up in their houses as always, and that’s where they were when we later removed their bodies from the rubble. The cats living in the barn loft and the rabbits living under the barn in their “underground city” also perished. The flames were too hot and nobody could escape.

We lost over 35 animals.

A personal account with more details from April 11, can be found here.

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