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Why do bees and butterflies matter?

Land development, pesticide use, and the installation of invasive and genetically modified plants are destroying essential food, shelter, and nesting sites for bees (and other pollinators). 


A safe habitat provides bees (and other pollinators)  with the resources they need to survive, including abundant pollen and nectar sources, nesting sites, and shelter.


During a flower visit, a pollinator may accidentally brush against the flower's reproductive parts, unknowingly depositing pollen from flower to flower. The plant uses the pollen to produce a fruit or seed. Many plants cannot reproduce without pollen carried to them by foraging pollinators.

Pollinator habitat can beautify your space, increase native biodiversity, increase pollination services, and provide biological control of “pest” insects.


If you need more reasons to plant flowers, here’s a few more:


  • Pest & disease management

  • Promotes biodiversity

  • Flowers have multiple uses (edible and medicinal)

  • Stress reduction

  • Beauty!

  • All of these critters benefit: Bees, birds, butterflies, moths, skippers, and bats

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