In September 2017, our blind goat Daisy was abducted. Her disappearance shook our community, and after many media reports and social networking sites shared her story countless times, Daisy's story became headline news.  People came together from all over the world to help in our search and support us in any and every way they knew how. 

The day after Daisy disappeared, a selfless FARRM Supporter, Kathryn C., felt devastated. To honour Daisy in the best way she knew how, she started making a quilt.

After Daisy was miraculously found safe and sound, Kathryn knew exactly what she wanted to do. Hundreds of donated hours later and after Daisy's incredible return, she offered the quilt to FARRM to assist in raising funds for the many vulnerable and special needs animals that live at the sanctuary. 

Congratulations to Lindsay L., the winner of the quilt draw!


Thank you for supporting Daisy's Quilt Draw!

Donors will be entered into a draw to win the grand prize FARRM quilt featuring Daisy the goat! (pictured below!) Twenty runners up will be awarded the opportunity to name one of the twenty rescued chickens that have recently come into FARRM's care!

*Donations must be made using the links below. A total of 250 total donations can be made. 

FARRM Quilt Featuring Daisy the Goat!


Quilt is lap-sized and measures approximately 4ft x 5ft