Chunky Ramona

Chunky Ramona_edited.jpg

My Sponsor Hero(es): 

     LD, Grace & Jim


Hello! I'm Chunky Ramona!

Pet Pleasures:  Outdoor smorgasbords!

Pet Peeves:  Carriers/Kennels

Arrived at FARRM:  November 2021

Sex:  Female

Age:  November 2020 Approx.

About:  We are including a short biography provided by one of Chunky Ramona's rescuer. Chunky Ramona has a wild spirit but a domestic lineage. Throughout the summer and fall of 2021, she was living at a lake among mallards, geese and other waterfowl. How she arrived on its shore is unknown: Chunky Ramona is a Rouen Duck—a heavyweight, domesticated breed—and this species is unable to fly. With winter approaching and without human intervention, she would have faced a grim fate. On November 12, 2021, concerned citizens captured her, and later that day, volunteers from FARRM picked her up and brought her to her new home. During the summer and autumn months, several individuals routinely fed C.R. One man thought she was a boy and, owing to her large size, he named her “Chunky.” A lady addressed her as “Ramona.” She accepts both monikers: a duck by any other name would be as sweet.