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My Sponsor Hero(es): 

           Corine W.

Hello! I'm Everette!

Pet Pleasures:  Stone skipping!

Pet Peeves:  When someones hair is falling in front of their eyes.

Arrived at FARRM:  2022

Sex:  Male

Age:  March 2021 Approx.

About:  FARRM was contacted by Everette's owner. She was desperate to save him from ending up in a feedlot through a local auction house. We knew that he was special by the way she talked about him and worked quickly with the owner to get him to our place safely. When we responded to her plea for help we found out that Everette had already been sent to auction despite her attempts to have him remain on her farm. Instead of giving up his old owner called the auction house and arranged to have him purchased through a buyer who would then sell him back to her ensuring his safety. Once his owner had secured his ownership FARRM stepped in and made a long trip to bring him home to the sanctuary.

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