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The cost of Caring

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  • Bag of apples for Diego’s medication for one week

  • Box of litter deodorizing baking soda

  • Bundle of cat toys

  • Mopheads for cleaning the cat house

  • 1000L of water

  • Square bale of straw

  • Bag of epsom salts for medical soaks

  • Tube of dewormer for donkeys or horses

  • Bag of rolled oats

  • Bag of pig ration

  • Screws for fencing and building repairs

  • Month of B12 injections for Xandu the cat

  • Tube of antibiotic ointment for wound care

  • Box of needles for vaccinating and medication administration

  • Bottle and nipples for orphan lambs/kids

  • 32 cans of Friskies wet food

  • Bag of dry cat food

  • Box of 75 large pee pads

  • Large container of Tidy-Cats lightweight litter

  • Bag of sheep ration

  • Bottle of penicillin

  • Box of 3ml syringes



Rudi 2 6.26.24.png




  • Week of fresh produce for medical residents

  • Box of forti-flora for cats

  • 5 square hay bales

  • Paper towels for one week

  • Ferrier fee for one equine resident

  • Monthly bandaging materials for special needs residents

  • Costco dog beds

  • Mineral block for horses

  • Bottle of dewormer for the year for goats/sheep

  • Dixie & Karma’s medications for one month

  • Bag of hydrolyzed hypoallergenic cat food

  • Tub of mineral for cows

  • Round bale of straw







  • On site vet exam and travel fee at FARRM

  • Athena’s medications for one month

  • Set of radiographs

  • Elliot's annual arthritis medication

  • Bottle of antibiotic Draxxen

  • Wheelchair for special needs goats/sheep

  • Feline spay, vaccination, and exam.

  • Brennan’s nasal flushes 

  • Farm animal exam in clinic with X-rays

  • A years worth of round straw bales for cows

  • Percy’s shelter

  • Metal round bale feeder

  • Feline dental

  • 100 square bales of hay

  • Prosthetics for Amelia

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