My Sponsor Hero(es): 

Howard N.

Hello! I'm Celina!

Pet Pleasures:  Lounging on the grass with the sun beating down. 

Pet Peeves:  Roosters!

Arrived at FARRM:  2021

Sex:  Female

Age:  2021

About:  Celine was dropped off at FARRM one morning with her siblings.  All of her siblings passed away but she survived.

Farmers use a method called selective breeding to produce chickens the shape and size that suit the desires of corporations and the consuming public.  But these traits come at a cost to the chickens.  The cause of sudden death syndrome in Cornish Cross chickens is unknown; but it is thought to be a metabolic disease related to carbohydrate metabolism, lactic acidosis, loss of cell membrane integrity and intracellular electrolyte imbalance.