Hello! I'm Monet!

My hobbies include having staring contests and playing Monopoly (it's pretty well-known I'm a ruthless opponent).

Arrived at FARRM: 2017

Sex: Male 

Age: Approximately 2 years old as of August 2017

About Monet:

Monet was though to be a feral cat but it turns out he's a very sweet, loving man! Monet was transferred from a partner rescue because he was spraying in all his foster homes and they were no longer able to find placement that would take him on.


It was thought that Monet required a rural home to live his happiest life, but he is best suited for a loving, indoor home and will make a great addition to any family! 

Monet was transferred to a partner rescue in September 2017 in the hope that he will find his forever home as soon as possible. 

Happy trails Monet! 

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