Lily 11.16.20.png

My Sponsor Hero(es): 

Robin M.

Hello! I'm Lily! 


Pet Pleasures:  Making the yellow light at an intersection.

Pet Peeves:  Invasions of personal space.

Arrived at FARRM:  December 2019

Sex:  Female 

Age:  January 2001


About:  Lily was transferred from partner shelter.  Lily continues to be a walking health issue. Her hyperthyroid is managed with topical medication as she regurgitates her pill form. She also is in the beginning stages of kidney failure ... still. This old gal no longer has control of her bladder.


Lily has lots of energy and is currently living her best life but she needs help to maintain.

She is estimated to be in her 20’s so it is not unexpected that she will continue to need help staying healthy.